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About us

Before we started this web page, cars have been our passion since forever; later we turned our hobby into a profession. Fifteen years ago, Mark Jonson and Alexander Smith started this website about cars and supercars.  Our visitors will have a chance to see the latest updates about these machines, their performance, and design.Each car is tested before it’s posted on our website.  We aim to deliver truthful information, and our visitors will have the opportunity to participate as well.  On our website, you can find a live chat; you can send us any question regarding cars, and you will receive answers within minutes.We offer you a large database of cars, considering how much we are enthusiastic about them.  Here you will find the latest models, as well as their performance. We have a team of experts, who regularly post new content, each week, you can expect at least several new articles.  After all, supercars are something spectacular, and they deserve our maximum attention.

Three over the top supercar models

  • McLaren 650S

    McLaren 650S

    This is one mighty machine, combined with a great style and racing technology. McLaren was made to be a road car, but its features resemble more race cars. It has a metal shift paddles, which are extremely easy to work and it can develop 62 mph in just three seconds.
  • Ferrari 488 GTB

    Ferrari 488 GTB

    It is a sensational thing to drive this car and Ferrari has again delivered a perfect machine for special buyers. And it is faster than ever, with seven gears, it can develop the maximum speed in just 3 seconds. This car is a real treat for with people for deep pockets.
  • Porsche 911 GT3

    Porsche 911 GT3

    No supercar mention can’t pass without Porsche. This German manufacturer has been a pioneer in a sports car industry. 911 GT3 has a raw power and ferocious nature; it can develop the maximum speed in just 2.6 seconds. It is designed for a race as well as roads.

The best supercars drivers

Steve Jacobs of is one of the best on the field; he has been driving supercars since the young age. Many influential and recognized companies ask for his participation in their exhibitions. Because they know, he will present their features in the best possible way.  He is a real professional that has won many prestigious prizes in a car race. 

Tom Jonson of AMCH is the youngest driver among them but still has a great experience.  His profession is car exhibition because he loves fast cars and uses its features to the maximum. So far, he’s attended any major car exhibition, and he is especially popular among the young people. He performs all kinds of stunts, and the crowd goes crazy every time they see him.

John Willis of has been conducting car races and exhibitions since he was 20 years old.  Many people come to see his shows and many famous car companies hire him because he can make a real presentation.  He is a real adrenaline junkie, who enjoys fast cars and their performance. He’s been racing on many famous tracks and won many prizes. 


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